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Feed Analysis

Country View Veterinary Service is now offering a diet analysis program for your horses.

Assessing the nutritional quality of your hay now will help you make healthy feed purchases. Evaluating hay nutrient and calorie content allows us to determine what types and amounts of grains or concentrates you will need to provide a nutritionally balanced ration for your horses.

For those of you with senior horses, remember that many of them have difficulty digesting or chewing hay and sweet feed products. As their intestinal tract ages, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to utilize all the nutrients provided to them. Many senior horses thrive during the months on pasture but then develop diarrhea or weight loss when given hay as a primary feed.

Choosing when to switch to a senior diet, an extruded diet with hay, or to a diet solely made of a complete feed are important decisions you will need to make as your equine companions age. Ask us about developing a diet suitable for your horse whether they are overweight, growing or just a year older.

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