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Equine Deworming Recommendations

Deworming and Fecal Testing
Just as parasites continue to evolve, the fecal testing and deworming protocols continue to change. Here at Country View Equine, we think of your horse as an individual, with a different life styles, ages, and health status. In keeping with the most up-to-date deworming protocols and are able to offer you the best care options for your horse.

New this year, we can more effectively monitor your horse’s individual needs by not only monitoring the fecal egg count, but the response to treatment as needed. Many healthy horses are only needing one dewomer per year, while some pasture mates may need multiple dewormings. An individualized protocol is especially beneficial in boarding facilities where it is impossible to control the deworming status of other horses. On private farms, staying with an individualized approach allows you to treat your horses as individuals, just as you do when picking out feed, tack and training techniques.

By treating all horses as individuals and not deworming them under the same protocols, we are not only decreasing the risk of parasite resistance but also reducing the amount of chemicals that are in the horse and the environment and helping your pocketbook at the same time.

While knowing what deworming schedule your horse needs can be confusing, we are here to assist you in developing a plan! The first step is to have your veterinarian collect a fecal sample while visiting your horse for spring vaccinations. For many horses, this will be the only sample that will need to be tested this year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian at Country View Equine Clinic!

If you would like to read the AAEP Parasite Control Guidelines click here.

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