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A Certified Veterinary Technician is Important to Your Pet's Health

A certified veterinary technician (CVT) has many duties within the clinic. Here at Country View Veterinary Service, CVT's assist doctors, treat patients, and help clients in many ways. We usually start our day with treatments administered to hospitalized animals. Many overnight patients receive IV fluids or are recovering from a surgery or illness.

After early morning care of patients is completed, we begin admitting surgery patients for the day. As appointments arrive, we ask many questions about the patient's health. We measure vital signs and check vaccination histories before the veterinarian sees the patient.

When owners adopt new pets, we counsel them regarding appropriate pet behavior, pet training, necessary vaccines, and a variety of other health issues. We educate our clients on various issues such as fleas and ticks, heartworm disease prevention, intestinal parasites, nutrition, and we answer many other questions, too.

In addition to these roles, a technician is responsible for performing laboratory analysis, drawing blood from patients, handling animals, taking and developing x-rays, filling prescriptions, surgery preparation and monitoring of anesthesia, dental care, and answering the phones as needed. Technicians get involved in almost all aspects of the clinic.

Certified Veterinary Technicians become licensed after completing a two year training program. Anatomy, physiology, laboratory testing and learning hands-on medical skills are all part of the curriculum. Attending continuing education regularly is part of our job and keeps us current on all the newest medical advances. Our job is to assist veterinarians in many ways and to help our clients enjoy their pets.

Our Certified Veterinary Technicians:

  • Ashley

  • Sarah

  • Becca

  • Melissa

  • Jenn

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