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Pot Belly Pigs: Deworming & Vaccination

Pot Belly Pigs Need Vaccination Too
Vaccination of pot belly pigs to help prevent diseases of swine is recommended to keep pigs healthy.
Erysipelas Vaccine - to aid in prevention of a systemic disease caused by an organism that lives in the soil and can be spread by infected birds

Rhinitis Vaccine - to help prevent an infection that destroys nasal tissues and causes bleeding from the nose and distorted crooked snouts

Streptococcus Vaccine - to help prevent a systemic infection especially of young growing pigs

Mycoplasma Vaccine - to assist in preventing a disease that causes pneumonia and arthritis

Rabies Vaccine - to prevent rabies spread by bites from infected skunks, foxes, coyotes and bats
Erysipelas, Rhinitis, & Streptococcus vaccines can be given in a combination vaccine. An animal's initial vaccination should be repeated with a second dose in one month. Baby pigs can have their first doses of vaccine at two months of age.
Annual boostering of all vaccines is recommended.

Deworming Pot Belly Pigs
It is recommended to deworm pigs in the spring with spring vaccinations and again in the fall.

Injectable Ivermectin is a good antiparasitic choice because it also is effective against mange and lice.

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