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Equine Aftercare Options
As you may be aware, there have been recent changes to regulations surrounding the removal of a horse’s body after euthanasia. We understand that having to say goodbye to an Equine companion is always difficult. Making a decision regarding aftercare can be difficult too, so we recommend planning ahead. Since May 1, 2018 the available options have shifted multiple times. We will work to keep you informed as the options for aftercare change.

Prior to regulation changes, veterinarians heavily sedated horses then used a controlled drug called pentobarbital for the euthanasia. Trace amounts of pentobarbital was found in pet food, because products produced by rendering companies are oftentimes used in animal feeds. This sparked pet food recalls along with regulation changes for rendering companies. Bailey’s Stock Removal, and all other Wisconsin based renderers will no longer provide aftercare if a horse is chemically euthanized.

Current options available for aftercare:

Sedation then pentobarbital may still be used when horses are buried. County regulations should be followed when
choosing this option.
Bob Everson Excavating
Oregon, WI
About $300.00

Sedation then pentobarbital may still be used when horses are cremated. The price of cremation will depend on your
location in relation to the company providing the service.

Midwest Cremation Service
Poynette, WI
Private cremation
Includes removal
Ashes returned in wooden urn
Group cremation
Includes removal
No ashes returned

Brier Hill Livestock Removal
Cherry Valley, IL
Includes removal
No ashes returned
May not travel north of I-94

To utilize this option, a horse cannot be chemically euthanized. This means they must have passed away from natural
causes or have been euthanized by gunshot to the head by trained personnel. This is considered a humane form of
euthanasia by the American Veterinary Medical Association.
Bailey’s Livestock Removal
Marshall, WI

Sedation then pentobarbital may still be used when horses are composted. You can find more information at

If you have any questions regarding available aftercare options, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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